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Proven and scientifically validated 3 phase approach
Allowing your body to heal is the only approach to bring about optimal health. Our programs focus on healing the gut and cooling the fire inside.
Working with the RD and Health Coach, we help assign the right nutrition protocol to provide a personalized experience with an approach that works for you.
It would be impossible to list all of the benefits of developing new lifestyle around proper nutrition. employees and their families will
have more energy, better sleep, more engaged, less mental fog, symptom elimination, disease reduction... and so much more!
Our priority for all clients is to reach nutritional independence and obtain a level of mindfulness about eating.

FUnctional Medical Nutritional Therapy

MNT focuses on improving the health and well-being of children and adults through the use of nutritional interventions (diet changes). Children and adults with special health care needs are susceptible to nutrition-related issues that jeopardize their nutritional status and pose barriers to their development, maintenance, and overall health improvement.  Functional MNT takes conventional MNT a step further by diving into the root cause of your imbalances.  We are the only MNT practice specializing in Functional Dietetics.

"I have lots of energy! I noticed yesterday that I did not fall asleep at my desk and when I got home I still had energy. This feels really good. Thank you!"
-Nicole H

Nutrition Education

Every person is different. Just because one person loses weight eating a certain diet does not mean it will work for someone else. We simplify this process for you. Learn how different foods affect your body and your energy. This extended program will take you through the education of food; the good and bad. With our Registered Dietitians, you will evolve your eating approach into the healthiest and optimal plan for you.

"Lost 25 pounds! My doctor was very pleased! Learned to eat some new foods I otherwise would never have eaten."


reBalance is our signature health plan. This 15 day nutrition program focuses on reducing the inflammation in your body that has accumulated over the years of eating processed foods and junk. you will focus on whole foods with a simple approach. With our Registered Dietitans and Holistic Health Coach, you will get the support you need as you allow your body to reset back to a fully functioning state. We break it down for you in a simple and straightforward fashion.

My body feels better, others recognize the weight loss and my clothes are looking too big on me! Best decision I made in a while. I’d urge everyone to give it a shot and see the results for yourself!"
- Ricardo H


Simply put, education makes you aware of your condition, what it takes to treat it, and gives you the power to control and potentially reverse the progression. Your goals are individualized with the Registered Dietitian, who will offer constant education and support on nutritional benefits. ​

"I don't crave the sugars or carbs like I typically do and it has just motivated me to keep it up! Thank you so much for having me do that! I will definitely do a 5 day re balance each month as well."
- Charie L

Health Coaching

Not covered for nutritional counseling through your health insurance? Do not worry. Schedule sessions with our health coach! All programs are available to you whether you meet with our RD or our Health Coach. For a low price, you will get two (2) 30 minute sessions to use at your convenience! Fee: $165

"I didn't have a ton of weight to loss maybe 7 lbs which I did in the first 14 days. But my skin is looking better and I feel generally healthier all around. It is a great program and very easy to live by."
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