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Nutritional Services available
at all Strive Physical Therapy
Locations in PA and New Jersey

At Simplex Health, we believe that nutrition is a THE biggest component of health. We truly believe that real and whole foods are the foundation of a healthy diet & that your diet should make you feel food and strong - mind/body/soul. It will help you with symptom management,reverse disease, break through weight plateaus and give you more energy throughout the day (PLUS SO MUCH MORE!)

Schedule & meet with our Registered Dietitian or Holistic Health Practitioner.

Your initial assessment is a comprehensive look at your health history and your goals as an athlete. Nutrition is the foundation of your health & workouts. We have specific programs and approaches for every individual goal from sport & athletic performance & weight loss to preventative care & disease management.

our priority for all clients is to reach nutritional independence and obtain a level of mindfulness about eating.. understanding how certain foods impact your health short and long terms... understanding inflammation in the body .. and understanding how proper gut health is the key to thriving!

Nutrition Consultations may be covered under your health insurance provider to provide a discounted
or FREE.

A practitioner from Simplex is happy to check your coverage on your behalf.

**Independence Blue Cross/Keystone Health Plan East coverage offers 6 FREE visits

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