Diet and nutrition are key components of many conditions managed by physical therapists. What's more, nutrition can directly affect recovery and function while an individual is under a physical therapist's care. It makes sense, then, for physical therapists to be concerned with and address nutritional intake and eating patterns of their patients and clients. -APTA

Nutrition & Healing

At Simplex Health, we focus on the root cause of your issue whether that's inflammation, weight management, or a chronic illness. Food is medicine and food will help you heal from the inside out. Gaining knowledge on the role of nutrition in the rehabilitation process will enhance your recovery.

Thomas Edison once predicted that “the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease
with nutrition.” As future leaders of healthcare, physical therapists should start to consider the influence of nutrition on our practice in the same way that many other healthcare practitioners have begun to do. A patient’s nutritional choices have a direct effect on our work in the clinic. In order to truly optimize patient performance, we must consider the influence of nutrition on healing. - APTA.

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